Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Writing (Senses-Touch) - Anna

Hey, Anna here again.
For the next few wednesdays I will be doing a series-like thing about using senses for describing simple sentences.

This week I'm starting with touch.  I will give an example for a simple sentence with no description.  And then, I will add a few adjectives.

Here's the example:

-          Amy leaned over and picked up a rock.

What kind of rock was it?  Was it rough or smooth?  What color was it?  Did it have some kind of pattern?

Now let's add some words to describe the rock better.

-          Amy leaned over and picked up a small rock, it was smooth, black with white spots.

FYI, I was describing snowflake obsidian.  It's a really nice looking rock.

See what you can do with adding a simple description.  Next week I'm planning on doing sight,  which will be fun.



  1. Boring: Erin ran her hands over the dragon.

    Exciting: Erin ran her calloused hands over the dragons rough scaly body.

  2. Anna, just a suggestion is a day before you do this, you could ask for suggestions so that people have help making their stories more exciting.

    1. That's a great idea Renna!
      Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. I like giving suggestions and help ^_^


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