Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Portals into Adventure

My "portals" in this case, are these lovely things called: books. Currently, my reading list is filled up; I have so many books to read! Here are some that I have/will/currently read. (the grammer is mixed up with all those slashes. Please kindly ignore that :)

My backdrop turned out very... beachy for the pictures. I felt like decorating it up a bit more ;)

1. Heartless by Anne Elizabeth Stengl
Status: Currently reading. I'm really liking this book. There's some parts where things happen that I don't expect--sometimes not in the best ways. But, it's exciting nevertheless and I'm anxious to see how the story turns out. :)

2. Tales of the Goldstone Wood. Also by Anne Elizabeth Stengl, though one is still at the library :)
Status: Next on my to-read list. I hope the rest are good as the first one is so far! :)

3. Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morill and Jill Williamson
Status: My next read after the series above. I've heard some good things about this book.

Series on left: Destiny Trilogy by Sarah Holman
Series on Right: Firmament by J. Grace Pennington
Status: I've already read these... But they're awesome so I'd like to read them again :)

5. RESISTANCE by Jaye L. Knight
Status: I've already read this... I don't know... Maybe three times? And it deserves another hundred more :)

Side note: Sorry for not posting the Monday Minute Challenge yesterday. I'll try to get that done later... But I'm babysitting today, Wednesday, and Thursday. All day. I'll do my best :)

What are you reading, or what's on your to-read list? Comment below; I'd love to hear about some new books!


  1. The Kings Scrolls, the second book in the Ilyon Chronicles is definitely on my to-read list. The only problem is that it comes out next year... Other than that, I am going to start The Pirate Daughter's Promise today!

    1. Oof. I don't think I can wait that long...
      *grins* Tell me what you think! I liked it :D
      - Katie

  2. Your book list looks very exciting! (Particularly the Tales of Goldstone Wood books.... *whistle* I'm so glad you're enjoying the first book! When I first read Heartless I was completely amazed at how drastically it changed in the middle. As I don't know where you are at the moment, I won't say any more, but I was definitely impressed as the story went on.) My library is working on getting Resistance, because I've heard that it's awesome, and I'm looking forward to being able to read it. Other than that, though... I don't really have anything on my to-be-read or reading pile right now. A few random interesting looking books from the library are on the "maybe" stack, but I'm afraid I'm lacking anything major to read. I'll look up those two series's that you mentioned though.
    As for your back-ground, beachy is good. :-)

    1. I finished it this afternoon. I'm still not sure if I liked her... "change." I was happy that she turned back to how she was originally. But, the rest was really good. And the dragon? *shivers* Anne does a great job of creating creepy villains.
      Yay! Resistance! Please continue to try to get it; you won't regret it. I'm excited to hear what you think about it!
      The other two series are great. The Firmament series will have 18 books total! O_o. They're both Christian and written by a homeschooler. I automatically like books a bit better that I can relate to :)
      I love anything beachy :)
      - Katie

    2. That was what surprised me when I first read it. I hadn't been expecting it to change from a cheerful, somewhat fluffy book, to a much darker book with much more at stake. I loved the allegory woven through the book with her change, re-change, and the fact she had to die to live again. I thought that was pretty epic.

      I'll let you know as soon as I read it. ^^ My library is a little bit slow when it comes to getting things, but as soon as I can, I shall read it.
      I'll certainly be looking out for them, then.

    3. I'm already on the second book, Veiled Rose. AHHH. It's so amazing; I'm liking it a LOT better for some reason. There are so many things that have yet to be resolved-- what's under Red Rose's veil? I can't stand the suspense. It's SO good.
      Definitely. *nods*
      The library? Is Resistance coming to libraries?
      - Katie

    4. It might be because Una irritated you; I know she irritated a whole lot of people. Vieled Rose is one of my favorites, though. Either Vieled Rose or Moonblood.
      Well, our library, hopefully. I requested that they buy it, and they usually will when someone requests things.

    5. I wasn't a fan of Una, especially for a main character.
      Wow. Exciting :)
      - Katie


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