Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Good-Bye

I wasn't sure how to start this post, to start a post on Cousins in Christ for the very last time. It is quite sad writing up these words, but it holds opportunities for new experiences. To make it simple, I will just start this post with a simple:


If you haven't gotten the hint from the title and two paragraphs above, Cousins in Christ is coming to an end. I'm sorry. It has gotten hard for us to rely on the other person, keep up with posts, and constantly check in with the other person. We'd each like to say our personal good-bye below, and share what we will be doing now.


This is a very bittersweet moment for me. On one hand, I'm sad to have this blog go, especially with how well it has been going. But on the other hand, I'm kinda excited to be moving onto other things which includes my Very. Own. Blog.

Yes, you read that correctly. *Dances around in a circle*

I will be starting my own blog, A Writer's Faith.

Welcome to the land of my imagination, a place filled with words, books, music, and a big jumbled mess. I'll be your guide, Katie, a Christian, homeschooled teen, leading you across the vast plains of my mind. Sharing my thoughts, writings, and updates on life, join me in my adventure: A Writer's Faith.
So, that is what my blog is about :) Here's the link, it would mean the world for me if you'd stop by and follow by email or Google Friend Connect!

For one last time....


Like Katie said, this is a very sad moment but at the same time we're starting something new and fresh. Even though we are retiring Cousins in Christ, I'm very excited to announce that I am starting a new blog also.

My blog's name is Truth of the Lens.

I explained what my blog is about in the first post, but I'll give you a little summary of what's going to happen.  Along with continuing my story snippets, I will post a monthly update for my writing progress, and I would also like to post some pictures weekly.  It would be great if you could check out my blog and even stick around for a while.  Here's the link-



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Story Snippet - Faith - Part Six

It is Sunday Story Snippet time!!
Below you can read the previous installments:

  - Part One
  - Part Two
  - Part Three
  - Part Four
  - Part Five

Hope you enjoy; it would mean a lot if you left a comment :)

Alynn woke up to her shoulder being shaken. Memories of the raiders flashed through her mind, jolting every sense alive. Alynn sat up abruptly, eyes wide, and body poised for action.

            Enna scrambled back, “Relax, Alynn. We’re fine.”

            Taking a few, deep, calming breaths, Alynn sat against the tree she had been sitting by, her body racked by shaking. She closed her eyes, rubbing away the sleep that threatened to reappear. A small tickling on her leg drew Alynn’s attention. She darted her gaze towards her skirt, and saw a good-sized, eight-legged creature crawling peacefully. Alynn screamed, flailing her legs, standing up and shaking it around. Her uneven heartbeat returned, a throb began in her head, only getting more intense as the seconds ticked by. She stopped moving and looked down. It was gone.

            “What is wrong with me?” Alynn stared desperately at Enna.

            Hesitating, Enna walked towards Alynn, and then wrapped her in a hug, “It isn’t your fault. You just need to breath; you aren’t usually like this.”

            Alynn pushed away, shaking her head, “You don’t seem fazed.”

            Enna licked her lips, casting her gaze aside, “Not on the outside. I’ve always had a better time of hiding my feelings, and keeping my doubts in check. It is who I am, and you are just different. You will relax over time. I’ve already had my time. I can’t sleep after all this action.”

            Again the moment played in Alynn’s mind. Her parents. The dragons. The raiders. Why had God let this happen? Family was everything to her, and to lose them in a matter of a day… It was too much to bear.

            Enna’s stomach growled, bringing a serious matter to attention.

            Alynn nodded, as if this was a statement, “Let’s go look for food.”

            With Enna guiding the way, the sisters trekked back to their village, which wasn’t a very long walk. As they reached the end of the forest, Alynn hesitated. What would be left of the village, if anything?

            Forcing herself to take steps forward, as a baby might do when it first learns to walk, Alynn stepped into the view of her village.

            It was in ruins.

            The smell of burnt wood and smoke lathered the air; the quaint cottages and houses were now destructed in piles on the ground.

            A hand found its way into Alynn’s, squeezing it as if to send encouraging messages.

            “There is nothing left.” Alynn choked on her own words, leaning her head against Enna’s shoulder.

            Enna led the way into the heart of the village, where happy people once mingled, and children gathered to play games. This was no more.  Devastation marked every path and building. A few lone chickens milled about, pecking at the ground for leftover feed that had been blown away.

            “Hello?” Enna called out a desperate call, hoping for someone to appear to assure them that everything was alright.

            There was no answer. The wind blew its mournful song. The trees bowed towards the ground in grief. This village was scarred by raiders.

            Alynn stepped over a frame of a doorway that lay in the road, walking towards the former General Store.

            It was no longer recognizable. The roof was gone, a wall was torn out, and all the products were scattered on the floor or missing. Enna bent down, grabbing a bag and gathering supplies. Alynn stood there, watching, frozen. There was that one question that kept coming to mind.



- Katie  


























Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blogger Awards!

Hello, all!

We have been nominated for so many blogger awards, and so I'm just going to combine them into one post.

First off, the Sunshine Award nominated to us by Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagination.

- Thank the person who nominated you. (Thank you, Ana)
- Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
- Nominate a few other bloggers.
- Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
- Notify the bloggers on their blog.
- Put the award button on your blog.

Anna's answers will be in green, and Katie's will be in blue.

What is your dream job, and why?
      - I want to be a photographer.  I love taking pictures of nature and it would give me a chance to go to different countries.
      - A writer? I'm not entirely sure if that is made for me, however, because I like to be social and work with kids. I have a lot of jobs that I think would fit me well.
Name five of your favorite blogs.
      - To tell you the truth, I don't follow any blogs, it's all Katie.
      - Red Lettering
        Of Battles, Dragons and swords of Adamant 
        Go Teen Writers 
        Jaye L. Knight 
        Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings

Why did you start blogging?
      - I was planning on creating a blog for school and then Katie told me she wanted to do one and that's when Cousins in Christ was created.
      - I had already been contemplating about starting a blog, but when Anna told me about her school project... She suggested at doing it together and I jumped at the chance :)
What is the word count of the longest piece you’ve ever written?
      - Around 20,000, and that's my word count right now.
      - 73,809 - The finishing word count of Faith.
What is your favorite genre to read?
      - Either Christian fantasy or just fantasy.
      - Fantasy, preferably Christian.
If you are going to college, what’s your dream college? If you’re already in college or have already graduated, what college do you go to?
      - I don't have a dream college yet.
      - I. Have. No. Idea.
What is your favorite Disney animated movie? Please don’t tell me you’ve never watched a Disney movie.
      - I like Atlantis, but frozen is my new favorite :)
      - It is a close tie with Frozen and Tangled... But I think in the end, Tangled is ultimately my favorite.
What is your favorite classic book?
      - Anne of Green Gables.
      - I don't have a specific favorite of right now (Unless LOTR counts, which I highly doubt) but when I was younger I loved the book Pollyanna.
What was your favorite book as a child?
      - Either Butterwings or Goodnight Moon.
      - I'm answering this question as a very young child, probably the age of 2. I loved the book, Ten Little Ladybugs.
What are your other hobbies besides reading, writing and blogging?
      - I like to draw or dance, and listen to music.
      - I love babysitting, drawing, playing the piano, and going to youth group, if that counts.


And then, we have been nominated for this same award again by Raleigh @ Accelerate the Jesus Movement. The same rules apply, so I won't list them again. Here are the questions Raleigh came up with:
What is your favorite song and why?
      -Raise the Banner by Audio Adrenaline, the only thing I picture while listening to it is a battle from LOTR or something.
      - I also really like that song :) Otherwise, I've grown attached to the song, Oceans, by Hillsong. It reminds me of how vast God is(like an ocean) and that he can save us when we are sinking.
How old were you when you first valued reading as a treasure?
      - I'm the kind of person that has a hard time finding books I love... So, I have no idea about the question.
      - As soon as I was able to read :) Instead of having other privileges taken away when I was naughty, my mom would occasional take my reading time at night. That was more valued than any snack or stuffed animal.
Do you think that you could be a good teacher? Or are you?
      - I think I'd be a terrible teacher.  Except for the fact that I taught Katie how to braid and now she's practically a master.
      - It depends on who I am teaching. If it is one on one, or even two-three on one, I think I would be able to teach fairly successfully. But, if I had a whole classroom full of kids, I don't think I could handle the chaos that goes on.
Would you rather eat on a paper plate or a glass plate?
      - Hmm, that's a good question. It kind of depends, what kind of food am I eating? I'm going to answer glass. 
      - For me, it depends on if I have to wash the dishes afterwards. If I did, then I would go the easy route and choose paper plate. There isn't much of a difference for me.
Can you write on the spot or must you have lots and lots of time before anything comes to mind? If you answered that you can write on the spot, would you write a small scene that involves a watermelon?
      - I need time to write, though I do like word wars.  I love taking my time.
      - I can usually write on the spot, but I like having a slight idea of what I'm going to do. A scene with a watermelon? Okay...

  The cook's high-pitched shriek drew everyone out of their mundane activities. Everyone in the kitchen turned to her, stopping their mixing, kneading, and baking.
  "The watermelon!" The cook held a hand to her flushed face, shaking her head slowly, "It is gone."
   Gasps of horror spread throughout the kitchen. What would the King say? It was a tradition to have his watermelon on the third day of every second week of the month.
   "Don't stand there with your mouths gaping wide!" The cook waved her spatula at the frozen servants, "Do something, go find that watermelon!"

That was very random ;)
Which would you rather read, a modern-day comedy or historical tragedy?
      - Historical tragedy. 
      - Uff. Probably a historical tragedy, but it would have to be interesting.
Do you use writing prompts often, or do you prefer to stare at a piece of paper until a story comes?
      - I don't normally use prompts... I'm usually on Pinterest looking at inspiration.
      - In the past, I never used them, but lately I have been doing them a lot. Sometimes I do it with friends, which is hard, but also fun to encourage another through a writing activity.
Favorite cartoon growing up (or currently)?
      - Looney tunes or Tom and Jerry, Spongebob was another one that would be on the top of my list.
      - I don't think I ever watched cartoons, unless you would count Veggie Tales. For a different cartoon, (In the book form) I loved Calvin and Hobbes and still do :)
Do you read in the pool? Or are you to scared that you will drop your book and forever ruin it (like yours truly)?
      - I have never read in a pool, and if I were to bring a book to one I'd be reading it in a chair.
      - I have never read in the pool either. If I'm in a pool, I might as well swim in it.

Now we've gotten nominated by Katheline Hansen @ Fantasies of a Pocket Human for the Sunshine award again! Only, it appears that this one is different than the one above... *shrugs* Oh well.
For this one, you list five facts about yourself, answer five questions, and make up your own questions.
1. - I have never been out of the US.
    - If I am comfortable with you, I can ramble on for a long time. I often bore myself with my useless conversation.
2. - I don't like big roller coasters.
    - As much as I despise waking up early, I can get out of bed pretty easily. Granted, that does not mean I'll be wide-awake for the rest of the day, but, hey! At least I got out of bed; that's a start.
3. - I can notice small things easily (As I'm writing this I can see a spider above me).
    - I like to chew gum, and am chewing some at this moment :)
4. - I'm horrible at keeping track of time.
    - Unlike Anna, I love big roller coasters. It is such a thrill to feel the wind rush in your face as you fly down a huge drop.
5. - I love to travel because of my parents :)
    - I love archery, but I am horrible at it. If I hit the target, that is pure luck, not skill.  (For example, she's hit my target accidentally while standing next to me -Anna)

Katheline's Questions:
Beach or mountains?
      - Beach.
      - Beach, definitely beach.
What's your favorite book? (Yes I'm evil like that. XD)
      - Resistance by Jaye L. Knight :)
      - Resistance by Jaye L. Knight. This isn't an evil question for me, for the book is so good that nothing else can compare.
Which book character do you think you're most like?
      - I don't really know, I don't read that many books so I can't really think of one.
      - That is hard. I got help from my mom with this one, and she answered it with this character: Vicky from Meet the Austins.
What animal do you think you're most like?
      - A panda.  Don't ask, I eat a lot more than I should.
      - If Anna is a Panda... Then I'm a shrew. (picture to the left) Apparently they eat 80-90% of their body weight each day. They are actually very cute animals despite eating like a pig :)
What places would you most want to visit, or would you want to travel at all?
      - I'd like to go either California, Hawaii, or somewhere out of the country.
      - I would like to go to a place with clear blue water, wherever that might be.

That comes to the end of our blog awards. Thank you to everyone who nominated us, it means a lot to have so many people reading our blog and (hopefully) enjoying it ;)

We aren't going to tag anyone for the awards, but if you would like to do one of them, go ahead! Here are some questions for you to answer:

- Favorite toy as a child?
- Would you rather be a mermaid or an elf?
- What is your favorite Disney movie?
- If you are going to go around the block, what mode of transportation would you like to take? (Bike, walk, drive, skateboard, rollerblade, etc...)
- What is an achievement you are proud of?
- Last sentence you wrote?
- Favorite author?
- What is your favorite day of the week and why?
- Do you have a collection of something? If so, what?
- Why did you start your blog?
- Katie and Anna

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Story Snippet- The King's Daughter Part 6

Hey everybody,  I'm kind of rushing at the moment, so I might not be completely accurate with my words.  If you haven't read the last five parts here they are:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five


When Cierra awoke she knew she was in the middle of nowhere.  She opened her eyes to a beautiful forest, birds were singing around her, she had woken up on a soft bed of moss under a couple of willow trees.  She ran over to the fields nearby, there was no civilization in sight.  Cierra was confused, “Why would it bring me to the middle of nowhere?”  She looked around a bit more; she walked back into the forest.  She heard rushing water, just over the hill was a small stream running towards a waterfall. Cierra heard a loud screech.  She ran to grab her book and hid behind a bush.
“I know I saw something.”  A young man about Cierra’s age jumped off a red dragon.  “I know you’re probably scared, but please come out.”
Cierra thought about it for a bit, then she started to circle around him.  The dragon was already well aware of what she was doing by the time she had gotten where she wanted.  “Are you one of the people my father sent to find me?”  She finally decided to speak.
“Uh, yes.  Are you Cierra? Princess of Alderith?” He asked, still looking in the same direction as before.
“Please turn around, it’s rude to have your back turned to the person you're talking to.” She looked at him; he had brown hair, which was cut short like any other man she knew.  His clothes were medieval-like; he wore a leather vest over a long sleeved shirt.  She saw his pointed ears, “You’re an elf?” 
“Yes, well, kind of we’re called Rylek” He looked at her.  “You are Cierra? Right?”
“Yeah,” She answered.
“I thought so, you look familiar.” He looked up at his dragon and gave a nod.
“What are your names?” Cierra watched as the young man introduced the two of them.
“My name is Adam and this is my dragon Syrith.” He looked at her clothes.  “We better get you some new clothing.”
“What’s wrong with the clothes I’m wearing?” She asked.
“You’re too-“ He looked down, “What’s the word I’m looking for?”
“Odd?  Strange? Abnormal?”
“Kind of, I guess I was thinking more unusual?”
“That makes sense.”  She looked at what she was wearing again, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  “What did you have in mind?”
“Your father gave me instructions to bring you to the nearest town and get you some supplies.”
Cierra’s curiosity peaked, “What did my dad have in mind?” She smirked.  “He hasn’t even seen me since I was a baby.”
 “Come on, let’s go get you some stuff.” Adam spoke impatiently.  He opened up his pack; “I can keep your book safe in here until you have a place for it yourself.”
She gave him the book and followed him over to Syrith’s side.  “Are we going to ride him?” She started to freak out, "There is no way I am riding him!”
“Can you at least go this one time? We can get you a horse afterwards if you really need it.”
Cierra hesitated then hopped on.
“Are you comfortable?”
 She nodded.
“Okay Syrith, let’s make our way to the nearest village. In the direction we’re heading, should be Galvron.”  
 “Where are we now?” Cierra was confused.
“We’re in the ‘passage zone’.  It’s where newcomers first spawn in when they enter our world.  Next time you come you’ll be where you were standing when you left.”
“Like a videogame?” Cierra asked.
Adam laughed.  “Yes.”
“Why is that funny?”
“That’s what I said when I first heard of it.”
Cierra smiled, “I’m ready.”
“Okay, Syrith let’s go.  You might want to hold on tight, he likes to go fast.”  He told Cierra.
She nodded and wrapped her arms around Adam, “Do you mind?”
“No, go ahead, I understand.”
She smiled and held tight as Syrith leapt into the air.  He started to flap his wings and they ascended into the clouds. He stopped for Cierra to look at the view.
“It’s beautiful.”  She looked around, “I think I’ll like this more than I thought.”


Thanks for sticking around this long.  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Friday, August 1, 2014

It has Finished.

Camp NaNoWriMo has come to an end.

It was an incredible month of writing. I completed 30,000 in a month. Goodness, six months ago when I began my writing journey, I didn't know it was even possible to write so many words in such a small period of time. Now I know that is just a part of the normal NaNoWriMo in November, where the standard goal is 50,000 words. Amazing, isn't it? I have a sense of awe for people who were able to finish a novel in a month along with everything else that is on their schedule.

Our cabin was the Best. Cabin. Ever. Everyone was so encouraging and eager to give tips when one needed help. Every single one of us met our goal. All nine of us! That is so awesome, and congratulations to all of you who stuck through it until the end and made a huge effort to get it done on time. I know that it was really hard to find time for certain people. It was a fantastic month, and I hope to join with all of you again for next year!  *counts off days until next year*

Here are the final results for Katie, Anna, and our cabin.


(Anna did not write that much on the second to last day, she just wasn't updating until then)


Our Cabin:

We made it!! We were so awesome :)


Once again, click on the pictures if you want to see the stats below the graph. It will be hard to read without bringing it up bigger.
It was a great experience. For those of you who have never participated in Camp NaNoWriMo before, I highly encourage you participate along with some of your writing friends. It is a huge encouragement and a great way to track all the progress you make in a month. I never regretted signing myself up for it :)
- Katie

Monday, July 28, 2014

Get to Know Your Characters Challenge

Get to know your characters challenge protagonist

I participated in this, Get to know your characters challenge over at Red Lettering by a good friend of mine. It was really fun, and I encourage you to go and read the other entries that were submitted. Thanks for holding this, Athelas :)
I decided to go with this prompt: Write  about your protagonist from when he or she was between three and ten. Write something short that represents how their life was that point.
Alynn's life was simply, and was filled with fun memories with her sister, Enna. Later in my novel, I mention that the two sisters used to collect Anami, and see who could find the most in a short amount of time. I based that small conversation in my story with this short prompt story.
When my main characters were an old eight and a young seven.
          “Ready?” Enna cast a sidelong look at her older sister, Alynn. Both had a determined look on their face, their hands poised towards the ground.
          Alynn gave a slight nod, a smile appearing on her face, “Go!”
          After Alynn gave the call, both girls immediately started to dig into the ground with great vigor, looking as a dog might dig for a bone.
          Huffed breathing sounded into the silence as both girls dug near the forest. Birds chirped in the trees, and the afternoon sun beat down on them, their dresses sticking to their backs with moisture.
          “I found one!” Alynn called out, holding up a small stone, about the size of her finger. They were racing to dig Anami, a tiny, glowing rock that was found under the earth.
          Enna frowned, her lips pursing in determination. Frustrated, she gave up on the spot she was digging in and moved towards the forest, starting to dig a new hole. A few minutes passed, and she still hadn’t found one. Again, she switched to a different spot in the earth.
          Not a second later, Alynn raised another stone in a triumphant gesture, “Another one!” She looked at Enna, who was on her third hole, while as she, was still on her first. Alynn sighed, “Enna, you need to do it more patiently.”
          Enna wrinkled her nose, “No. You’re just getting lucky.” 
          Alynn looked doubtfully at her sister, “I don’t think so. I’ve won the last three times. It’s not luck.”
          Enna stuck out her tongue.
          Alynn looked upon Enna in horror, “Mom!” She called, looking towards their house, “Enna stuck out her tongue at me.”
          Their mom came out, her hair in a disheveled bun, her apron spattered with ingredients of all sorts, and her hands placed on her hips, “Enna?”
           Enna glared at Alynn, and then turned her gaze towards their mom, “Sorry.”
          “You apologize to your sister, not me,” Their Mom directed. After Enna had done so, and actually seemed sincere, she nodded with approval, “Now can I go inside? Or are you two going to fight some more?”
          The sisters mumbled together, “You can go inside.”
          Their mom smiled, “Thank you.”
          The girls stared at each other, both feeling embarrassed and a bit angry at each other.
          “Come on,” Alynn finally said, “Let’s finish up this race before dinner is ready.”
          That pulled a grin out of Enna, and they set back to work. Occasionally the shout of, “I got one,” rang out, but otherwise they didn’t say much, both intent on their work.
          Soon, the sun began to fall out of the sky, and their mom came out of their house, calling their names.
          Enna grinned after answering their mom, scooping up her collection of Anami and averting them from Alynn’s curious eyes.
          “How many did you get?” Alynn asked, covering her own findings up.
          “You say first.” Enna demanded. A smug grin was planted on her face. I think I’m going to win this time.
          Alynn opened her palms, scattering the rocks on the ground for Enna to see with her own eyes, “I got seven.”
          Enna’s smug face fell, “How did you get that many?”
          Alynn ignored the question, “How many did you get?”
          Sighing, Enna opened her dirty palm, “Four.”
          Trying to hide her proud smile, Alynn just nodded, “Let’s go wash up for supper. We will count our totals later.
 After supper.
           Alynn’s pink tongue stuck out between her lips, her gaze set and focused. Both girls sat in their shared room, quiet numbers coming from each of them.
          “…Wait,” Enna stopped counting, her face reflecting her puzzled mind, “Where was I?”
          Alynn continued to point a finger at each Anami, reciting the designated number after.
          “Alynn.” Enna poked her sister.
          “What?” Alynn glanced up for a brief moment before turning back to her counting.
          “I don’t remember where I was.” Enna’s bottom lip stuck out in a discouraged gesture.
          Alynn sighed, “How am I supposed to know what number you’re on? I’ll help you after I finish with mine.” She started to count, but paused. “Enna,” she clasped her face in her hands, “You made me lose count.”
          “Sorry.” Enna waved this comment aside, “I have to start over too.
 A little while later after several recounts…
           “Done.” Enna exclaimed, sitting against their bedroom wall with a satisfied sigh. She waited until Alynn finished.
          “I’m done too…” Alynn trailed off, “But I have,” She stopped, tapping each finger, “I have fourteen less than last time.”
          Enna’s eyes flickered to her pile. She fiddled with her fingers, “How many do you have now?”
          “I have 193.” Alynn announced, “How many do you have now?”
          “46.” Enna answered, hoping that Alynn wouldn’t accuse her of ‘taking’ her Anami.
          Alynn shook her head, “I just don’t get it. I keep losing them, though I don’t take them anywhere outside of this room.” She shrugged, pushing the problem aside.
          Their mom’s voice floated up the stairs, “Time for bed girls!”
          With a flurry of movement, the girls quickly dressed into their nightgowns, and finished their routine for the night, crawling into their beds.
          Their parents came up, praying with them, and tucking them in. A kiss was given to each forehead, a loving gesture to say,