Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Story Snippet- Cierra's Adventure Part 2

Hey everybody, Anna  here.  Sorry this post is a little late.  Here is part 2 of my story snippets :) You can find part one here.

As she was walking back up to the roof she heard a crash and ran to the kitchen, “What happened?”
“Be careful, I slipped on a puddle while cleaning the dishes and the whole towel full of dried plates and cups came with me.” Dad sighed.
“It could’ve been worse.” He reassured himself.
“Do you need any help cleaning up?” Cierra asked.
“No, you go do what you were doing before.  I can clean this up on my own.” He insisted.
“Okay, I won’t be coming down anymore. So, goodnight.” She grinned.
“Goodnight sweetheart.” He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.
      Cierra made her way up the stairs and back onto the roof to retrieve her boxed tablet.  She looked up, “Wow, the stars are beautiful.” She thought to herself.  I wish I could see them every night. Cierra made her way to her room, it was small but she didn’t need much.  The walls were a soft brown with big white polka dots scattered in different places.  Her bed was in the corner and her closet on the other side.  She walked over to her window and looked out; the streets were quiet.  Cierra changed into her nightclothes and got under the covers.  Thinking about what her teacher said before she had left school, her muscles relaxed and she rolled over for what she thought would be a good night of sleep. 
      Exhaustion hovered around her like vultures circling their prey; her eyes were heavy and droopy.  It had just turned to 3 o’clock when she finally fell asleep.

The next morning Cierra woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs.  She yawned; it had been a rough night for her, waking up off and on.  Cierra rolled over trying to get another hour of sleep when her mother knocked on the door.
“Are you awake? Breakfast is ready.” She announced into the empty-like room.
“I’ll be down in five minutes,” Cierra groaned.
“Okay, but your eggs will be cold,” Her mother blurted out.
“Fine, you win.” She got out of bed, “Make sure the boys don’t eat my bacon.”
      Her mother responded with an okay and a chuckle.
Cierra made her way down the stairs to the kitchen where her family was eating their breakfast. 
“Good morning sleepyhead,” Jordan teased.
“Jordan,” Mom glanced at him.
“No it’s okay Mom,” Cierra said as she yawned, “I had a bad night.”
“Couldn’t sleep?” Dad asked.
Cierra nodded, “I kept having different nightmares.”
“That’s a bummer.  Do you want orange juice or water?” Her mother asked.
“Orange juice, please.” She replied with a smile.
Cierra took her plate of food and sat down at the table next to her siblings and across from her parents.  When her mother sat down she asked Cierra, “Can I see your report card Cierra?”
Cierra sighed, “You won’t like it.”
Her mother reached over and grabbed it.  “Oh honey,” Mom frowned.
“I know, but before you say anything else Mr. Robertson talked to me after school and gave me some tips for next year.”
She looked over at her parents’ faces.
“Are you sure they’ll work? You know this can’t happen again.” Mom glanced at Dad as he questioned his thoughts.
“Trust me, they worked for him before.” She tried to get her parents to accept.
“Okay, let’s drop this conversation and finish our breakfast.  Merrily and the boys finished five minutes ago.”
Both Cierra and her mother nodded in agreement.
“And with that your mother and I have something else to share.” He announced.
The whole family shifted their eyes back onto him.  “I got a promotion.”
The kids congratulated him.  “Yay!  Daddy got a promotion!”  Merrily giggled.
The boys just sat there and clapped.
Cierra’s parents waited until they had finished, “There’s some bad news also, I’m in the process of getting transferred to our western branch in California.” Their father looked at the children’s jaws that had just dropped.
“What? Are you saying we’re going to move?” Cierra questioned.
“Kind of, we haven’t figured everything out.” Mom responded.  “If we were to move it would be this summer.”
Cierra got up and walked off to her room.  She knew there was no way out of moving.  Maybe it won’t be as bad I think, She told herself.  She had always dreamt of going to California, but not like this.  “I guess there’s new things I could try, like surfing and scuba diving.”  She tried to cheer herself up.  “I’ll have to tell Kacey, and that will not be fun.” 


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