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Sunday Story Snippet - Faith - 2

Wow. Two weeks go by quickly.

It's time for the continuation of Faith! Ready to get back into the adventure? If you have not yet entered into the fantasy world of E'Lenor, HERE you can find the first snippet.

Please let me know what you think in the comment box below. I'm sharing for your enjoyment; it's fun for me to write :)

Alynn collapsed in her bed, exhausted and relieved. There had been no raiders that day. They were safe, at least for now. Alynn groaned, desperately wanting to fall asleep right then and there, but her mouth betrayed her, begging for a bit of moisture. She sighed, swinging her legs off the bed and tip-toeing her way downstairs.  The darkness around their small cottage reflected the late hour of the night. Alynn stopped. Hushed voices, her mom’s and dad’s, traveled towards her. She took a footstep towards the doorway, straining to hear what they were saying.
“Do you think he’s still alive?” That was her mom’s voice.
“I don’t know. To tell the truth, I haven’t thought much about him.” That was Dad.
“When was the last time you saw him?” There was her mom again.
Her dad let out a sigh. “I don’t know. At least twenty years or so. I always felt bad for him in a way,” his voice grew quieter, “People didn’t seem to like him much.
“Pity. He always seemed so nice when I knew him.”
“He was.” Her dad sounded sad. “He was until I received the stone. He grew cold and angry, and was so distant from everyone else. One day no one saw him anymore. It was like he had disappeared.”
Silence. Alynn’s heart thudded, feeling as if it would betray her secrecy. Guilt flashed through her—how could she? Eavesdrop on her parents? Her stomach squeezed, it’s so unlike myself to be this way.
Footsteps sounded towards the door; Alynn’s blood rushed from her face. Before her parents could appear in the doorway, she ran up the rest of steps, the floor creaking beneath her feet. Alynn pressed her back against the wall at the top of the stairs, hoping to blend in with the shadows. Her chest heaved with forced breaths, If only I was quick and nimble as Enna. Thankfully, her parents were oblivious to the huddled figure in the corner, and she stole silently back into her room.
Alynn sat on her bed, confused at all she was taking in. Stone? Who were her parents talking about? Was it someone important? Too tired to think any longer, she lay down on her bed and waited for sleep to overtake her. Finally, it did.


 Enna shook her sister violently, trying to wake the deep sleeper that her sister was. Alynn thrust her hands in the air, trying to make contact to push Enna away. Enna just moved and started up again on the other side. Alynn gave up and pulled the covers over her head.
“Alynn!” Enna’s voice was coated with impatience, “Get up. I want to talk to you.”
Alynn groaned and sat up. The sun’s morning rays shone in her eyes; Alynn squinted.
“What?” She said groggily.
“I want to know what you heard Mom and Dad say last night.”
Alynn’s eyes widened with suspicion, “How do you know about that?
“I heard you come up the stairs,” Enna replied, “and you were hiding in the corner like a condemned criminal. You were eavesdropping, weren’t you?” 
 “A little,” Alynn confessed, “I didn’t hear much. It sounds like an old family friend of theirs is missing."
“Huh," Enna looked intent for a moment, but then shrugged."Let’s go wash up for breakfast. Mom will be expecting us.”
The girls made their way down to the stream again, this time returning much quicker, and cleaner. They gathered around the table and sat down, bowing their heads for the prayer.
Lord, bless this food, bless our family, bless those around us. We thank you for all we have and pray that you will protect us from the evil around us.”
Amen,” A chorus of voices echoed his prayer and they started to eat. Scrambled eggs and biscuits were on the menu that morning. They ate quickly, and moved on to chores for that day. Chores consisted of cleaning around the house, washing dishes, feeding animals, taking care of the animals, exercising the horses, and other miscellaneous jobs.
Alynn had a lot to think about during chores that day. She thought about what she overheard last night, and worried about the raiders.
“Raiders.” Saying that word evoked shivers that snaked down her back, carrying chills with them.  The raiders never attacked during the day; at least, so she heard.  It was always in the night when you’re sleeping. You might be lying peacefully in your bed, dreaming, and the next moment there is a sword against your throat, and a raider at the end. Alynn shuddered and continued on feeding the chickens. She prayed that God would protect her family.
After lunch Alynn took a walk around the village taking in her surroundings. She saw Enna standing and chatting with a group of girls.
“Hi.” They all said to Alynn together.
“Hello,” Alynn answered politely, then turned to Enna, “I need you to help me with some of the chores.”
Turning away from Alynn, Enna said her goodbyes to her friends. She followed her sister on the small path leading to their house for a while before talking.
“Alynn?” Enna questioned.
“Alynn, I’m scared.” Enna admitted. “My friends have been telling some awful stories about the raidings in previous villages. All of them have their own ideas, but they share the same sense of havoc and devastation.
Alynn looked down into her sister’s blue eyes, not knowing about the fear hidden behind the always optimistic girl.
“Enna, it’ll be alright.” She reassured.
“You think so?”
“I know so.” Alynn drew her sister into a warm embrace, holding her tightly for a long time.


             “We’ll attack at your command.” A voice snarled.
              She looked at him and scoffed, “You better.”
              Her eyes scoured over the village, “You know who and what you are looking forward. Take the people who meet that description, but don’t be merciful to those who try to resist. If anything seems of value or of worth, take it.”
             The men nodded their heads.
             “Dragons, set fire to the houses.”
             She held her chin up, and narrowed her dark eyes that showed no mercy.
            “Burn it all."




  1. Ooh! This was excellent. I loved the sister relationship you have going on here. It will be nice to see more interaction between the two of them in upcoming sections. ^^
    The. Ending. Was. Excellent. It's a fairly common-type cliff-hanger, but it~was~a~woman! I was not expecting that at all. [Something I did notice was that the men nodded their heads. This doesn't really bother me, but I know that it bothers several other authors and editors; "nodded his head" "clapped his hands" or "stood to his feet" make people irritated because they wonder what else he could have nodded, clapped or stood to?] Excellent work! I look forward to the next part.

    1. *grins* You have no idea how much your comment means to me :) Thank you SO much for telling me what you think; it's very encouraging.
      I'll definitely change it up. Anything to make it better ;)
      - Katie


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