About Anna


I'm Anna, if you clicked on the 'about Anna' page you are probably looking to getting to know me better :)

I am fourteen years old and an active writer. My partner (Katie) and I are cousins, hence the name of our blog.  I am a Christian, I was saved at a young age.  Though this past year I've been more serious about my faith.

I love to write, I'm more of a free writer (which means I don't do well with school papers)

Katie and I made questions for each other to answer, so here they are.

1. What inspired you to first start writing and why?
When I first read Molly Evangeline's (Jaye L. Knight) books, I then wanted to try and make my own stories.  I personally love the fantasy genre, I love creating my own characters and giving them a personality.

2. What are you doing when you aren't writing?
I'm either finishing up school or I'm on pinterest looking up inspirational quotes and stuff.

3. Favorite day of the week?
Friday. I mean, it's friday. Who doesn't like friday? It's the end of the week, and it's when I can look forward to the weekend.

4. Kindle or real book and why?
Real book.  I like having the feeling of holding a book and flipping through the pages.

5. When did you start writing?
February 13, thats when I started writing my first story with Katie :)

Other fun facts about me...
-I have an extreme case of arachnophobia.
-I love to sew, dance, draw, sing, and of course! Write.
-I don't think I'm the best at sports.
-I obsess over small things like notebooks and pens.
-I like being around other people.
-I love the color green.

Thanks for stopping by, and please check out the rest of our blog.
-Anna <3


  1. Hi Anna! I am so excited to read the blog! Thanks for starting it with Katie! Welcome to the writing world!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying it so far :)

    2. Keep up the great work!


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