About Katie

Hi! *Waves*

If you clicked, "about Katie..." you are probably wanting to know a bit more about me. :)

First off, I'm Katie. (Duh) I'm a fourteen year old teen and cousin of my blogging partner, Anna. I was saved as a young child in Jesus Christ, but have rededicated myself to him in the past year and since then have begun a more serious relationship.

I love to write, and I try to do it everyday. Creating stories with the pen is a amazing thing only writers can understand. It can be challenging at times, but my characters always stay faithful to me. :)

I am also an excessive bookworm, and extreme fan of fantasy author Jaye L. Knight. She's a homeschool graduate and has published nine books so far. I highly encourage you to check her out, I am super obsessed about her stories. :)

Anyways, back to me. Anna and I exchanged a list of five questions. Here are her questions that she gave to me so you can get to know me further:

1. What's your favorite part about writing?
Hmm... I suppose I like the whole concept of creating mythical worlds and creatures. I absolutely love getting to know my characters more, they each have a special spot in my heart.

2. What is your favorite book?
Book? I would have to go with, Resistance, from my favorite author, Jaye L. Knight. (The same one I mentioned above.) She also goes by a different pen name, Molly Evangeline, but she recently switched because she thought this one sounded more fantasy-like.

3. What are you normally doing if you aren't writing?
It depends. If I have a good book, I'll be reading that until I finish it. Otherwise, to be truthful... I'll be browsing Pinterest or texting my friends.

4. If you were to give up writing or Pinterest, which would you choose?
*insert annoyed emoticon* Do I have to choose? I suppose I'd have to go with Pinterest, because it isn't the best use of my time and I should've probably given it up by now anyway. 

5. Who's your favorite character you've created?
Why are you making me choose between all of them? It's like a mother picking a favorite child. Unfair. *Sigh* I guess one of my main characters, Enna. She's seventeen, but has a younger personality. She's very upbeat and enthusiastic about everything. You'll rarely see her without a smile on her face.

Some other random facts about me:
- I use smiley faces excessively. :)
- I am an extrovert.
- I'm entering high school next year. I'm a bit terrified.
-You know those black eight-legged creatures? That's my worst fear.
- I love LOTR and the Hobbit.
- If you ever want some book suggestions... I will definitely be able to help you out. :)
- I'm short. :/

Phew. That turned out longer than I expected. :) Thanks for reading, I hope you'll enjoy future posts from the cousins. :)

Have a nice day....

- Katie <3


  1. Yay! I am so excited to continue reading this blog! I love your bio! I also use smiley faces excessively! :D

    1. I'm excited that you're excited to read it! (Not sure if that made sense) Smiley faces are awesome. Who doesn't use them excessively? :) Thanks for commenting!

    2. You're welcome! It totally made since :) ...at least in my world...


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