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Sunday Story Snippet - Faith - Part Six

It is Sunday Story Snippet time!!
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Alynn woke up to her shoulder being shaken. Memories of the raiders flashed through her mind, jolting every sense alive. Alynn sat up abruptly, eyes wide, and body poised for action.

            Enna scrambled back, “Relax, Alynn. We’re fine.”

            Taking a few, deep, calming breaths, Alynn sat against the tree she had been sitting by, her body racked by shaking. She closed her eyes, rubbing away the sleep that threatened to reappear. A small tickling on her leg drew Alynn’s attention. She darted her gaze towards her skirt, and saw a good-sized, eight-legged creature crawling peacefully. Alynn screamed, flailing her legs, standing up and shaking it around. Her uneven heartbeat returned, a throb began in her head, only getting more intense as the seconds ticked by. She stopped moving and looked down. It was gone.

            “What is wrong with me?” Alynn stared desperately at Enna.

            Hesitating, Enna walked towards Alynn, and then wrapped her in a hug, “It isn’t your fault. You just need to breath; you aren’t usually like this.”

            Alynn pushed away, shaking her head, “You don’t seem fazed.”

            Enna licked her lips, casting her gaze aside, “Not on the outside. I’ve always had a better time of hiding my feelings, and keeping my doubts in check. It is who I am, and you are just different. You will relax over time. I’ve already had my time. I can’t sleep after all this action.”

            Again the moment played in Alynn’s mind. Her parents. The dragons. The raiders. Why had God let this happen? Family was everything to her, and to lose them in a matter of a day… It was too much to bear.

            Enna’s stomach growled, bringing a serious matter to attention.

            Alynn nodded, as if this was a statement, “Let’s go look for food.”

            With Enna guiding the way, the sisters trekked back to their village, which wasn’t a very long walk. As they reached the end of the forest, Alynn hesitated. What would be left of the village, if anything?

            Forcing herself to take steps forward, as a baby might do when it first learns to walk, Alynn stepped into the view of her village.

            It was in ruins.

            The smell of burnt wood and smoke lathered the air; the quaint cottages and houses were now destructed in piles on the ground.

            A hand found its way into Alynn’s, squeezing it as if to send encouraging messages.

            “There is nothing left.” Alynn choked on her own words, leaning her head against Enna’s shoulder.

            Enna led the way into the heart of the village, where happy people once mingled, and children gathered to play games. This was no more.  Devastation marked every path and building. A few lone chickens milled about, pecking at the ground for leftover feed that had been blown away.

            “Hello?” Enna called out a desperate call, hoping for someone to appear to assure them that everything was alright.

            There was no answer. The wind blew its mournful song. The trees bowed towards the ground in grief. This village was scarred by raiders.

            Alynn stepped over a frame of a doorway that lay in the road, walking towards the former General Store.

            It was no longer recognizable. The roof was gone, a wall was torn out, and all the products were scattered on the floor or missing. Enna bent down, grabbing a bag and gathering supplies. Alynn stood there, watching, frozen. There was that one question that kept coming to mind.



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  1. Absolutely love the edits you've made. Sad to read, but you do a great job capturing their despair.


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