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Story Snippet- The King's Daughter Part 6

Hey everybody,  I'm kind of rushing at the moment, so I might not be completely accurate with my words.  If you haven't read the last five parts here they are:
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When Cierra awoke she knew she was in the middle of nowhere.  She opened her eyes to a beautiful forest, birds were singing around her, she had woken up on a soft bed of moss under a couple of willow trees.  She ran over to the fields nearby, there was no civilization in sight.  Cierra was confused, “Why would it bring me to the middle of nowhere?”  She looked around a bit more; she walked back into the forest.  She heard rushing water, just over the hill was a small stream running towards a waterfall. Cierra heard a loud screech.  She ran to grab her book and hid behind a bush.
“I know I saw something.”  A young man about Cierra’s age jumped off a red dragon.  “I know you’re probably scared, but please come out.”
Cierra thought about it for a bit, then she started to circle around him.  The dragon was already well aware of what she was doing by the time she had gotten where she wanted.  “Are you one of the people my father sent to find me?”  She finally decided to speak.
“Uh, yes.  Are you Cierra? Princess of Alderith?” He asked, still looking in the same direction as before.
“Please turn around, it’s rude to have your back turned to the person you're talking to.” She looked at him; he had brown hair, which was cut short like any other man she knew.  His clothes were medieval-like; he wore a leather vest over a long sleeved shirt.  She saw his pointed ears, “You’re an elf?” 
“Yes, well, kind of we’re called Rylek” He looked at her.  “You are Cierra? Right?”
“Yeah,” She answered.
“I thought so, you look familiar.” He looked up at his dragon and gave a nod.
“What are your names?” Cierra watched as the young man introduced the two of them.
“My name is Adam and this is my dragon Syrith.” He looked at her clothes.  “We better get you some new clothing.”
“What’s wrong with the clothes I’m wearing?” She asked.
“You’re too-“ He looked down, “What’s the word I’m looking for?”
“Odd?  Strange? Abnormal?”
“Kind of, I guess I was thinking more unusual?”
“That makes sense.”  She looked at what she was wearing again, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  “What did you have in mind?”
“Your father gave me instructions to bring you to the nearest town and get you some supplies.”
Cierra’s curiosity peaked, “What did my dad have in mind?” She smirked.  “He hasn’t even seen me since I was a baby.”
 “Come on, let’s go get you some stuff.” Adam spoke impatiently.  He opened up his pack; “I can keep your book safe in here until you have a place for it yourself.”
She gave him the book and followed him over to Syrith’s side.  “Are we going to ride him?” She started to freak out, "There is no way I am riding him!”
“Can you at least go this one time? We can get you a horse afterwards if you really need it.”
Cierra hesitated then hopped on.
“Are you comfortable?”
 She nodded.
“Okay Syrith, let’s make our way to the nearest village. In the direction we’re heading, should be Galvron.”  
 “Where are we now?” Cierra was confused.
“We’re in the ‘passage zone’.  It’s where newcomers first spawn in when they enter our world.  Next time you come you’ll be where you were standing when you left.”
“Like a videogame?” Cierra asked.
Adam laughed.  “Yes.”
“Why is that funny?”
“That’s what I said when I first heard of it.”
Cierra smiled, “I’m ready.”
“Okay, Syrith let’s go.  You might want to hold on tight, he likes to go fast.”  He told Cierra.
She nodded and wrapped her arms around Adam, “Do you mind?”
“No, go ahead, I understand.”
She smiled and held tight as Syrith leapt into the air.  He started to flap his wings and they ascended into the clouds. He stopped for Cierra to look at the view.
“It’s beautiful.”  She looked around, “I think I’ll like this more than I thought.”


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