Sunday, June 22, 2014

Story Snippet- Cierra's Adventure Part 3

Hey, I'm back! Sorry about the past week, I've been busy trying to finish up my school.  But enough of that, here's part three of my story I've been writing.  You can find part two here. I hope you enjoy -Anna

“What do you mean you’re going to move?” Kacey roared.
“My dad’s boss is transferring him to California.” Cierra tried to explain.
“I don’t know what to say but have fun, I’ve always wanted to go to California.  You’re really lucky your dad wasn’t transferred to another country or something.”
“Don’t say that, moving to another country would be pretty cool.”  She pointed out.  “I’m just afraid I won’t make any new friends.”
“You’ll be fine, you’re the most social person I’ve ever met.” Kacey complimented.
“Thanks, that means a lot coming from a friend I won’t be seeing anymore.”
The girls went in for a long hug.  “I’ll surely miss you Cierra,” Kacey started to speak again when Cierra’s phone started to play its ringtone.
“Cierra, we need you home right now.”  Cierra could tell her mother was serious.
“Okay, I’ll be home in five minutes.” Cierra hung up the phone and looked over at Kacey.  “My mom wants me home, this is probably going to be the last time we see each other.”  Cierra stated sadly.
“It’s okay, it’s probably an emergency if she sounded that frantic.  We’ll have a long talk when you get moved in.”  Kacey smiled.
“I’d like that,” Cierra looked at the clock.  “I’m already running late, good bye Kacey.” 
“Bye!” Kacey yelled as she watched Cierra run down the street.

                                           t  t  t

“I’m home!” Cierra shouted as she entered the kitchen.
“We’re in the living room!” Cierra heard her mom.
“What was so urgent?” She asked.
“We’re moving in two weeks, start planning on how you’re packing up your room.” Cindy spoke excitedly.  
“Already?” She questioned.
“We already found and bought a house in southern California.”
“It’s only been a week since you told us about this.”  Cierra pointed out, “And you’ve already bought a house?”

Chapter 2- A New Life

“Cierra Prescott!”  Her name was announced; she walked up on stage and waved to the crowd.
“Hello, thank you for coming.  Isn’t it a beautiful summer day?”  Cierra smiled and looked across the field.  “I want to thank my family for being there when I needed them.  When I felt like giving up, my mom always told me to take a break and try it again.  And to my sister Merrily, you always cheered me up when I felt sad or angry.  And last of all I want to thank my ninth grade English teacher; he helped me through a really tough part of my schooling.  Thank you.” She smiled and as she walked off the stage she heard the crowd start clapping.
“Congratulations.” Her Aunt Meredith said as she neared her family.
“Thanks, I can’t believe its graduation already.” She said in bewilderment.
It had been three years since Cierra’s family moved to California.  Cierra is now eighteen years old and a high school graduate.   She and her family moved into a five bedroom modern home in the suburbs of San Diego.   Cierra had started going to church for the first time, and on her 18th birthday she became a Christian and is teaching her family about her life with Christ.  

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  1. I love this snippet, Anna! I can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks Alea! You'll have to wait a couple weeks for part 4 :)

  2. A very intriguing snippet, Anna! I would really enjoy reading more!

    1. Thank you, I've been working hard lately with school so I haven't had much time to work on my story, but that will change soon :) I'm happy you are liking it though.

    2. I will definitely look forward to the next part!

  3. Nice story Anna!! I liked how you put a time skip in the story to move it along more :)

    1. Thank you Renna. Ya, I kinda had to just because of what age i wanted her journey to really start on.


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