Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award

Fun post today!
We were nominated for this reward by none other than our favorite author, Jaye L. Knight. That was pretty exciting :)
Here's how it's going to work. We're going to start out by naming 11 random facts about ourselves. Then we'll answer Jaye's questions and nominate other bloggers to continue this award.

Anna's answers will be in dark green.
Katie's answers will be in light green.

11 Random Facts About Us :)

1. - I had heart surgery when I was 2 1/2 due to a leak in my mitral valve. 
    - In 2012 we "adopted" a stray duckling, and named her Ming-Ming.
2. - I have way to many pens. Currently, there are 40 in my pen box next to my computer. :)
    - My favorite school subject is spelling.
3. - I can never have enough pizza!
    - I have two brothers.
4. - I read insanely fast. That's partially the reason why I keep running out of books to read.
    - I have never broken a bone.
5. - I first started writing on January 18th. :)
    - My favorite song is currently Raise the Banner by Audio Adrenaline.
6. - I will be starting my 9th year of piano in the fall.
    - I have been doing dance for 6 years.
7. - I want things to be nice and neat.... But I am often to lazy to make that happen. :)
    - I have had a total of eight pets.
8. - Contrary to Anna, I have never owned a single pet.
    - I am very social.
9. - I am either extremely focused or extremely distracted. There's really no in between :)
    - I don't like being surprised (unless it's a christmas present)
10. - As long as they aren't too extreme, I love a good thunderstorm. It's super cozy curling up on a chair by the window and writing during one. :D
      - I love warm weather.
11. - I'm a night owl.
      - My favorite flower is a daisy.

Our Answers to the 11 Questions

1.What is your favorite kind of tree?
- I like Willow trees.
- I'm a fan of River Birch.
2.Do you prefer tea or coffee or neither?
- Neither. I can't get used to the taste.
- I don't like coffee, and I'm not a big fan of tea.
3.What is your favorite social media site?
- Probably Facebook, just because most of the people I know are on there. It's the easiest way to find out news of other people's lives even though I don't write up things on it much.
- Facebook... For me there's not really another option.
4.What is the last sentence you wrote in a story?
- Enna settled back against the huge boulder that was maintaining the secrecy of her hiding spot.
- She was hot and tired. (Yeah, not much)
5.Who is your favorite historical figure and why?
- I honestly don't have an answer for this. I'm not really into history.
- Like Katie, I don't really have a historical figure that I could really call my favorite. 
6.What is your biggest pet peeve?
- Sharing a drink using the same straw. *shivers*
- Seeing J-Walkers cross the road when there's a crosswalk 20 feet away.
7.What’s your favorite dessert?
- Giant cookie. You put cookie dough in a frying pan, bake it, then put ice cream and chocolate sauce on it :)
-Cheesecake. I love cheesecake.
8.If you could live in any time period (past, present, or future) what would you choose?
- It would be interesting to see the future, but I'm really happy where I'm at right now.
- I actually don't know, I've never thought about that before. Like katie, I love where I'm at right now, but I think it'd be fun to see the past.
9.What is your favorite book to re-read (besides the Bible)
- Resistance! It came out less than a month ago and I've already read it twice. I'm starting it for the third time.
- The Makilien Trilogy. I'm not the kind of person who normally re-reads books.
10.What genre do you read most?
- Fantasy
- Same as Katie, Fantasy.
11.What is the best movie you have ever watched?
- This is a really hard question. I suppose I'd just have to go with the LOTR trilogy. I know it's not one movie, but I'll have to tweak the question a bit :)
- I like the Princess Bride, it's always a good choice.

Bloggers We're Tagging:
(You're supposed to keep on with the 11 theme... But we honestly don't know 11 bloggers and a lot of bloggers we know aren't following us :)


11 Questions for our Tagged Bloggers

1.What is your favorite thing to do when you have time to spare?
2.Do you prefer movies or books?
3. Favorite Bible verse?
4.What is the last sentence you wrote in a story?
5.Who is your favorite author?
6.What is your biggest pet peeve?
7.What’s your favorite dessert?
8.If you could live in any time period (past, present, or future) what would you choose?
9.What is your favorite book to re-read (besides the Bible)
10.What genre do you read most?
11.What is the best movie you have ever watched?


  1. What a fun list! Makes me want to start a blog so that you can tag me :)

  2. Oh mah word, thank you so much!

    1. No problem! You have a wonderful blog ;)

  3. I just published my Blogger Award

  4. *squeal* I got nominated for a blog award! Thanks, girls.

  5. Hey, Katie and Anna! Thanks for nominating me, but I don't generally do blog tags. That's just a choice I made more my blog. I appreciate that you thought of me, and I promise I don't mean any insult by it, okay? :)

    1. No insult taken :) We just wanted to make sure in case you were interested! Have a good day and thanks for letting us know,
      - Katie and Anna


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