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This tab is dedicated to the, "Monday Minute Challenges" held by a Christian author at Each week there are several prompts you can choose from, all of which you have to create a short scene that is 150-300 words. They are a great way to spark some creativity and have fun competing with other awesome writers :)

I'll be posting my entry here this week along with the prompt that was given.

June 30, 2014 - Sentence Prompt: There was only one thing left to do: run.

(Continued from last week)

 Alynn’s blood ran cold, shivers sliding down her back. All moisture from her mouth disappeared, and her chapped lips didn’t seem able to form a word. The man laughed manically, shaking his head at her frightened behavior. He took a few easygoing steps forward, holding his palms out.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” He mocked, bowing slightly, “Did I scare you?”
Another wave of shivers crawled down Alynn’s backside. She gripped the reigns even tighter, looking for an escape opportunity.
“I wouldn’t go anywhere if I were you.” The man unsheathed a sword from around his waist pointing it at the horse’s face. “I don’t believe it would end very well.”
Upon seeing the sharp point of the sword, Alynn’s horse reared, pawing its front hooves in the air. Alynn screamed. Her grip on the reigns failed, sending her flailing to the ground. Her breath was forced out from her lungs, clouds of dust billowing out where she landed.
The man chuckled, “What a lovely predicament you have here. Your horse, your only escape route, has betrayed you and ran away.”
“You scared him away!” Alynn accused, finally finding her voice.
He shrugged, “I am supposed to feel guilty?” His eyes flashed, “Because I’m not.” The man advanced, all the while pointing the steel blade at Alynn.
Alynn bit her lip, watching his every move. Whatever business this man had in the forest, his intentions weren’t good.
She had to get away. There was only one thing left to do: run.

June 23 - Picture Prompt

Alynn surveyed her surroundings. Where was the path that she was just on a minute ago? Fog hovered thickly around her head, it was nearly impossible to see anything. Her horse whinnied and twitched its tail.
“Shh.” Alynn comforted, “It’s okay.”
In reality, she was thinking quite the opposite. Mom would be expecting her home by now; it was getting late. Trees blocked the last bit of sun that had guided her path. What had ever prodded her to follow that small, bobbing light?
Alynn’s slumped back shot straight up.  Could it have been a lantern? There couldn’t be someone in this old, deserted forest, right? She glanced around nervously, almost expecting a figure to appear right beside her. Don’t be silly. She scolded. You only use this forest for shortcuts, and why would anyone else have a need of it?
I can think of plenty of things. Alynn argued with herself. Bandits, murderers, escaped convicts…
Her horse whinnied again, turning slightly to its left.
A light flashed in the corner of her eye; Alynn twisted around in the saddle, her mouth growing dry. Her knuckles grew white from gripping her horse’s reins. My mind is playing tricks on me. She tried to reassure herself. “I’m all alone.” She called out loudly to make up for the sickening silence. “It’s just me and my horse.”
“I wouldn’t be quite so confident about that.” A man stepped out of the shadows. “I’m here too."

June 16 - Picture Prompt
(The entry for this week just didn't flow. I realize that most of mine are very depressing; I'm trying to create excitement and tension)

The wind blew across my face, tossing around the snarled locks that had rested upon my shoulders. My feet thudded on the uneven terrain of the cliff. Were the rumors true? Had the ship left? I grimaced. I’ll find out soon enough.
There was a nagging doubt in my head that it was true, but I pushed it aside. He had promised me. I remember it clearly.

“Promise me that you’ll never leave?”
He held my hand, “I’d never dream of doing such a thing.”

He’d never leave.
The air grew colder against my exposed skin. I wrapped my arms about myself, trying to find my way up.
Panting, I reached the top of the cliff. I squinted my eyes, looking in the distance.
A ship.
His ship.
My heart dropped. He promised. I stood there at the top, staring out into the stormy waters.
It wasn't safe.
There was no way he could make it back.
I didn’t even get to say good bye.

June 9, 2014 -- "Everyone told me not to blame myself but I knew, deep down, that I could have prevented it."

I squeezed my hands in anguish. Why? Thunder rumbled in the distance, matching the feelings that stirred in my stomach, settling it in knots. The stone cold grave stared at my watering eyes blankly.

The scream. The pain that her face reflected.

I brought my knees up to my chest. I’d never see her smile again. I’d never hear that contagious laugh of hers. I’d never feel the comforting hug she shared when I was sad.

The look of desperation. Screeching calls of help.

I let out a cry, planting my face on the earth beneath me. Lightning struck, rain followed, drenching my clothes. Why did it have to be my sister? She was nothing but good, compared to me.

Sobs of suffering.

I punched the ground. Why? I can’t live with this guilt. Everyone told me not to blame myself but I knew, deep down, that I could have prevented it. My mind flashed back to the last word I heard my sister say,


June 2 - Picture Prompt

A sharp rap at the door drew me out of my lonesome state.

 One year.

It has been exactly one year since his accident, nothing  was the same.. It felt like it happened  yesterday, but other times it felt like it had been a thousand years.  His smile, his laugh, his…

The door thumped again.

“I’m coming!” Irritated, I walked over to the door and fumbled with the brass lock. The peeling paint rubbed across my skin, reminding me of how little I had been taking care of my small cottage.

“Letter for you, miss.” A man announced as soon as I opened the door.

Me? I furrowed my eyebrows. The last letter I had gotten was the letter confirming his… death. I blinked away tears, grabbing the letter harshly. I slammed the door in the man’s face.

To Ara, the title read. My eyes widened; I hurried to open the envelope. I unfolded the crinkled paper, its creases showing it had been in that state for a while.

Ara, my love,

I dropped the letter on the floor. Stunned. Confused. He had always begun his letters this way. I picked it up and read on.

I hope this letter will reach you soon enough to spare you heartbreak. In the next few days you will receive word about my death. I need to fake it in order to keep this mission secretive. I can’t tell you
details, but ordered my friend to deliver this to you personally. I love you dearly.

My heart stopped. Still alive? But it’s been a year? What  mission? Where is he?

The man outside the door.

I sprinted towards the doorway.
I didn’t have to search for him. He was there with a solemn look on his face.

"There's something you need to know."

*Didn't Place*

May 26 -- "You have one chance to make your decision. What's it going to be?"

Blood pulsed through my veins, my head throbbing with sheer terror. I flexed my arms, only to have them constrained by the rope that was trapping me to the hard metal chair.

 Be calm.

 I took a deep breath, trying to force my elevating heartbeat back to its normal pulse. The damp cell in which I was imprisoned was not in good shape.  The constant, “drip, drip, drip,” of water falling into puddles on the stone floor rang in my ears, slowly driving me insane. I closed my eyes.

 Be calm.

 The latch of the cell door clicked open, revealing a tall man clad in dark clothes. He smiled sinisterly at me; I shivered, wishing that I could escape from this nightmare, this reality. Breaking the silence, the man spoke with a deep voice, a slight rasp sounding at the end of his words.

 “You know why I’m here.”

 I didn’t make eye contact. I looked towards the ground, my heart thumping with fear.

 “Have you considered my offer?” He spoke again.

 Once again I didn’t answer, even though I knew this would push him over the edge.

 Pursing his lips, he stalked towards me and leaned in close to my face. "You have one chance to make your decision. What's it going to be?"

 Be calm.

 Lifting my bowed head to meet his furious gaze, I grunted determinedly. “I will never betray her.”


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I hope you win first place this week :)

  2. Thanks, Emily! I hope so too. It'd be awesome!
    - Katie <3

  3. Goodness I love this. I'm voting for first place as well!

  4. Reminds me of Peter and the apostles..... Acts 5:29 !!! keep up the great writings... Lynette H

    1. It does have some similarities! Thank you so much :)
      - Katie

  5. Awesome job on getting first place! Yay! Congrats!!! Wow! I'm dying to know what happens after what you wrote for this week!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I don't plan on continuing it. Partially cause I have no idea what's going to happen lol. I'm wondering myself :)
      - Katie

  6. So sad, but I think it's your best entry YET, Katie!! Good job!!! =)

    1. Awww. Thanks so much, TW! I really liked yours this week also :)
      - Katie


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