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Sunday Story Snippet - Faith - 4

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It's time for me to post the next continuing part of Faith. If you are new and haven't read the previous snippets, you can find them right below this sentence. :)

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It's a little shorter than usual this time, but I hope it will provide enjoyment for you anyway.


“Alynn? Wake up. Alynn!”
A far away voice protruded into Alynn’s mind, slowly awakening her immobile body. She squinted, seeing blurry images between two slits in her eyes. Someone was sitting above her: Enna.
Rough pieces of bark dug into her back, and most of the sky was covered by overhanging branches. Alynn furrowed her brow, confused, but then understanding sunk in. Her head pounded like execution drums, a massive headache overtaking her mind along with waves of emotion.
“Alynn!” Enna’s voice cracked, throwing her arms around Alynn’s neck.
Biting her lip, Alynn leaned her head against the tree, tears springing out of her eyes, “That hurts.” She croaked closing her eyes tightly.
"I’m sorry,” Enna covered her mouth, “Is your head okay?”
Alynn pursed her lips, clutching her head with her hands, shaking it slightly.
“I’m going to take that as a no,” Enna answered her own question, her eyes flitting across the forest.
“The raiders…”
             “Most of them are gone,” Enna licked her lips, her own eyes tearing up.
             “Mom and Dad?” Alynn asked, despite already knowing the answer.
             “I’m sorry, Alynn, but…” Enna scooted beside her sister, holding her hand in her own, “We’re going to find them.”
              Alynn couldn’t remember when she had heard Enna’s voice so sad and grief-stricken, “How… How long was I out for? The dragon, how did you get away?”
             “You’ve been out for a couple hours. I was so scared that you would never wake,” Enna’s face scrunched up, her voice cracking, “I didn’t know if I would lose you too. The dragon’s tail hit your head. I picked you up by the arms and started dragging you away. The boy on the dragon… Alynn, it’s like he paused. I think he let me get away. Then they just flew off. He saved our lives,” Enna hugged her knees to her chest, “Now I’ve just been sitting here for these last couple of hours, trying to wake you up.”
              There was silence, and then sobs from Alynn. She bent down, wanting to cradle her head and cover her tears at the same time. Her body shook, burning with heat.
              Enna whimpered, and then joined Alynn, helping her lean against her shoulder.
              “What are we to do, Enna?” Alynn cried, “Without Mom and Dad…”
              Wiping her face on the sleeve of her dress, Enna grabbed the burlap sack that their dad had handed to them, “I think you might want to see this, Alynn.”
              Stifling her cries for a few short minutes, Alynn peered over Enna’s shoulder and into the bag.
              Laying in the bag was a small, round stone, about the size of Alynn’s hand. The stone itself was dark, though it had cracks in it, pouring out a yellow light. Alynn stared, transfixed by this spellbinding object. Apprehensively, she reached in her hand, grabbed the stone and cupping it carefully. It was unusually light but something about it made it seem as if it carried a share of the world’s burdens.
             "What?” Alynn gasped, turning it around in her hand, feeling the smooth texture across her fingers. Red, puffy eyes stared at Enna, waiting for an explanation.

That's it! Sorry I had to cut you off so soon, it just worked out that way. Thank you so much for reading our blog, it makes our day whenever a kind comment comes our way. Tell me what you think!

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  1. Katie, it's a very expressive description of an almost hopeless situation. But there is the stone...


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