Friday, May 30, 2014

He is Awesome

I want to talk about this person today.

His name is God.

I believe in Him...

...But often put Him to the side when my schedule gets a bit tight or busy.

Think about it.

He created the world, He's the master of the universe, He can listen to everyone's prayers at once.

Read that again. He created the world!! He created you and me. Look at your hand. Clench your fingers together. Snap a rhythm. Move them around. How would you even start to make something this complex and amazing?

Look at your life. Think of your friends and family. Think of all they have done for you. Think of your blessings, your happy moments, your sad ones, and all the answered prayers.

When has God not been there for you?

Can you think of a time? I couldn't. He has His hand in all situations, good and bad. 

So if God has always been there for us... Why aren't we taking the time to be there for Him?

He is the ruler of all creation. The maker of everything. Take some time throughout your day. Think of Him. Thank Him. Praise Him for all that He's done in your life, and pray to Him wherever you are. Talk to God about anything and everything. He's your Friend, your Father, your Daddy. He's there for us, let's try to take some time and be there for Him.

He is awesome. 


  1. Funny how we take the amazing and the awesome and the utterly staggering for granted! Thanks for the great reminder

  2. Thanks for that :)


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